New Arrival Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 BlueRed Ceramic Watch from Noob Factory

The numerous new watches have made their debut in the market. Notably, Noob introduced the highly anticipated Super Clone 4130 Daytona V3 edition and the GMT-Master II 126710 Blue/Red. Additionally, OM factory showcased an impressive range of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, while VS factory impressed with their stunning Omega Seamaster collection. However, among all these new releases, the replica GMT-Master II crafted by Noob factory stands out as the most captivating and alluring timepiece.

The Noob factory introduced only one replica Rolex GMT-Master II model – the Blue/Black 116710BLNR. Notably, this was the only GMT-Master II watch from Noob crafted using 904L stainless steel. Subsequently, Noob shifted their focus to Daytona watches, and in September, they released upgraded V3 editions of the Daytona collection with 904L stainless steel and Super Clone 4130 movement. It’s widely acknowledged that Noob currently produces the best replica Daytona watches in the market.However, in terms of researching and developing other Rolex models, especially the GMT-Master II, Noob has lagged behind other factories such as GMF. Nonetheless, the recent release of the 126710 Blue/Red GMT Master II by Noob has helped them regain some credibility in the industry.

Over the past few years, the replica Rolex GMT-Master Batman 116710BLNR has consistently held its status as the most sought-after GMT watch. The numerous new models of the Rolex GMT-Master II were introduced, leading to a surge in demand. While many factories began producing GMT-Master II replicas, none could match Noob’s ability to create them with both 904L stainless steel and the same movement found in authentic Rolex watches. Consequently, even though there might be a waiting period for orders from Noob, the exceptional quality and accuracy make it worthwhile to exercise patience.

Returning to the review of the GMT-Master II, similar to other Rolex GMT-Master II models, this timepiece boasts a case diameter of 40mm and a case thickness of 12.5mm. Crafted from premium 904L stainless steel, both the case and jubilee bracelet exude exceptional quality. The bezel is made of high-quality ceramic material and features a captivating blue/red color combination, with the red appearing more akin to a rich brown hue. Moreover, the bezel markers are coated with platinum, ensuring their longevity and preventing any fading. As for the movement, Noob has incorporated a clone 3285 into this replica Rolex GMT-Master II. Notably, this marks the first appearance of the 3285 movement in our market that accurately replicates the hand stack and offers an adjustable hour hand. The functionality of the movement is indistinguishable from that of a genuine Rolex 3285.

Without a doubt, Noob’s Rolex offerings are of exceptional quality, with certain models setting the benchmark for watch-making in the market. One such example is the black Submariner 116610LN, which has achieved legendary status. As for this replica GMT-Master, if you prioritize perfection in terms of case design, dial details and movement function, Noob should be your go-to choice. That being said, it’s worth noting that the replica GMT-Master watches equipped with Super Clone movements from Noob have proven to be somewhat less stable. Many of my clients who previously purchased Noob GMT-Master watches have reported issues with their timepieces. It’s worth highlighting that Noob has yet to develop a movement for the GMT-Master that offers the same level of stability as the Super Clone 4130 used in their Daytona products.


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