Another Great Vintage Project – Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Blue/Red Bezel Replica Watch Review

Lately, I’ve developed a strong affinity for vintage Rolex watches. Following the successful creation of various vintage projects by a specialized watch factory, they have now unveiled another exceptional perfect replica Rolex. Does it ring a bell? Indeed, I previously showcased a GMT Master 2 watch with a blue and red bezel in a separate post, which you can revisit by clicking here. However, the GMT-Master 1675 being spotlighted today is an authentic vintage piece. Upon closer inspection of its dial and bracelet, you’ll notice distinctions from the previous model. Despite the variations, both timepieces hold a charm that captivates me and fellow vintage watch enthusiasts, making the 1675 particularly alluring. This review will delve deeper, offering a fresh perspective on vintage Rolex timepieces.

The aaa replica Rolex GMT is meticulously crafted to mirror every detail of its genuine counterpart, resulting in a flawless 1:1 copy that encompasses the case profile and all other components. The bi-directional rotating blue and red GMT bezel insert faithfully replicates the original, with a distinct separation between the blue and red sections. The primary contrast between this vintage replica Rolex GMT and contemporary Rolex GMT-Master 2 models can be found in its dial. The black dial showcases white printings, including the “SWISS-T<25” inscription positioned at 6 o’clock beneath the bar-shaped hour marker. Both the hands and hour markers are adorned with yellow luminescent material, while the GMT hand displays a red stem and a large triangular tip. The date window exhibits black font against a yellow background. Like its Rolex GMT counterparts, the 1675 replica features Mercedes-Benz hands.

Another prominent feature that sets it apart from replica Rolex GMT watches is its Jubilee bracelet, composed of five links. Presently, most Rolex GMT-Master timepieces come with the new Oyster bracelet, as the Jubilee bracelet was traditionally reserved for the Datejust or Day-Date series. The inclusion of the Jubilee bracelet on this 1675 GMT replica enhances the vintage appeal of Rolex, allowing enthusiasts to fully appreciate its classic charm. The incorporation of various retro elements makes this timepiece distinctive and a preferred option among the array of vintage watches available.

Here come the specifications:

Movement: Asian clone ETA 2836-2 Automatic, you could adjust the GMT hand through the crown
Case: 39.5mm*14.5mm, 316L stainless steel, blue/red bi-directional rotating gmt bezel
Dial: Black with Aged Orange Hour Markers and Hands
Crystal: Plexi Plastic Crystal
Band: Stainless Steel Jubilee Bracelet
Water Resistant: Yes

Beautiful Vintage Watch Review – Replica Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller 1665

With a wealth of vintage watches accumulated on my blog, ranging from Rolex and Omega to Panerai, each piece has garnered significant attention and engagement from readers. Today, I am thrilled to unveil another replica Rolex timepiece that is poised to spark a new wave of excitement and discussions – the Double Red Sea-Dweller. This highly coveted vintage watch is a must-have for collectors. Launched in the 1960s as an offshoot of the Submariner, early Sea-Dweller models boasted slim cases, distinctly different from the contemporary iterations featuring bulkier cases and crystals.

The vintage Double Red Sea-Dweller, a homage to the replica Rolex reference 1665, derives its intriguing name from a distinct feature found on the dial. Positioned above the white printings at 6 o’clock, two lines of red text – “SEA-DWELLER” and “SUBMARINER 2000” – provide the origin of this unique designation. Moreover, this Sea-Dweller stands out from its counterparts due to several dial intricacies. Notably, its hour markers are elliptical in shape, with the exception of a triangular marker at 12 o’clock and bar-shaped markers at 6 and 9 o’clock. Each marker boasts a subtle yellow tint, deviating from the traditional white markers. Thin white sticks denote the minute scales, while a date window with black numerals against a white backdrop is positioned at 3 o’clock. In a departure from the standard “SWISS MADE” label, the dial proudly displays “SWISS – T < 25” at the 6 o’clock position.

The bi-directional rotating black bezel on this replica watches emulates the functionality of its genuine counterpart. The case back is adorned with distinctive curved engravings, featuring the iconic Rolex Logo and the inscriptions “ROLEX,” “ROLEX PATENT,” “GAS ESCAPE VALVE,” and “OYSTER.” Mimicking the design of modern Sea-Dweller models, the case back is securely fastened with screws. Notably, numerical engravings adorn the back side of the bracelet, their exact significance remaining a mystery. Powering the replica 1665 is an Asian clone ETA 2846 movement, equipped with 17 jewels and oscillating at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour. A rigorous movement test revealed a slight deviation of only 7 seconds per day, as depicted in the accompanying image.


Movement: Asian Clone ETA 2846, 17 Jewels, 21600bph
Case: 40mm*13mm, 316L Stainless Steel, Bi-directional Black Bezel
Crystal: Plexi Plastic
Dial: Black with Dot Hour Markers
Bracelet: Solid Steel Oyster Bracelet with Diver’s Extension
Water Resistant: 30 Meters

Spark in The Dark – Replica Rolex Stealth Submariner Black Nato Watch

It’s fascinating to discover unique timepieces like the Project X Stealth Rolex in our replica watch market. This particular Rolex model, known as the Project X Stealth, is a custom-made creation by an unknown company. These Rolex replicas have gained popularity due to their sleek all-black design and the inclusion of a NATO band. One notable distinction between the Stealth Rolex and traditional Rolex watches is their distinct case and dial designs. In the following article, we’ll delve deeper into the intriguing features of this replica watch as we explore a comprehensive replica watch review.

The case of the Rolex Stealth Submariner replica measures 40mm, which is a standard size for Rolex Submariner models. Interestingly, among all the Submariner models officially released by Rolex, there has never been a full black case option. However, this replica Rolex Stealth Submariner showcases a unique all-black PVD case, including the bezel. It’s unclear how this company achieved the black casing, but it certainly adds to the “stealth” aesthetic. The bezel features diving markers but lacks a pearl at the 12 o’clock position. On the solid case back, you’ll find engravings of “STEALTH MK IV” on the case rim, along with an engraved pattern of the SBS’ Frog at the center.

The dial of the Rolex Stealth Submariner replica is also black in color. One notable feature is the presence of larger hour markers and wider hands, known as the Maxi Dial, which is a rarity found only on select Rolex models. These hour markers and hands are adorned with black luminous material for enhanced visibility. The dial printings are predominantly white, except for the “STEALTH” inscription, which is displayed in black within a white square background. Positioned at 3 o’clock, there is a date window with black date font against a white background. Interestingly, this Submariner replica watch does not feature a date cyclops, which adds to its unique design.

The replica watch is powered by an Asian ETA 2836 movement, which is commonly used in many replica Rolex watches due to its reliable stability. It’s worth noting that customers often request a genuine ETA movement for their orders, but it’s important to clarify that only specific replica watches produced by prominent factories can be equipped with a genuine ETA movement. Additionally, it’s important to mention that chronograph watches in the replica watch industry cannot be fitted with a genuine ETA 7750 movement.

Now, let’s take a look at the NATO strap, which is a single strap designed in a sleek black color, perfectly complementing the black PVD case of the replica watch. The strap features three black steel keepers, adding to its overall aesthetics. One of the advantages of this design is that it allows the wearer to easily remove and replace the strap with a new one in any color. However, it’s essential to ensure that the newly installed strap aligns with the black-themed style of this Stealth Rolex replica.

BP Factory Released Replica Rolex Vintage Submariner Comex 1680 with Riveted Bracelet

In recent times, exhaustion has taken its toll on me, leaving little opportunity to delve into fresh content concerning replica watches. However, I do recall that at the beginning, it appeared that watch factories were hesitant to release groundbreaking new models, perhaps anticipating the unveiling of authentic timepieces at BaselWorld. Nevertheless, certain factories, including BP, continue to astound us with remarkable offerings. BP has recently launched a series of vintage Rolex Submariner replicas, with the Comex 1680 being a notable addition. I have a recollection of a different, unidentified factory that previously manufactured similar vintage Rolex replicas, including the renowned Paul Newman Daytona replica. Remarkably, BP has not only ventured into crafting Paul Newman Daytona replicas but has also entered the realm of Comex Submariner replicas. Those familiar with BP will attest to the striking resemblance in quality between their Rolex Submariner replicas and those produced by the esteemed Noob Submariner. With the introduction of these vintage Rolex replicas, BP has taken their quality standards to new heights.

The most significant distinction between the 1680 and other replica Submariners lies in its dial, adorned with the prominent COMEX printing, infusing this Rolex with a captivating history. The sole background information available regarding this particular Rolex Submariner is its close association with the Comex company. In a bid to develop a timepiece better suited for professional divers, Rolex collaborated with Comex, tasking their workers to wear Rolex Submariner watches during underwater operations. To differentiate these specialized Submariners from the standard models, Rolex incorporated the “COMEX” inscription on the dial. The development of the Comex Submariner played a pivotal role in the eventual creation of the Rolex Sea-Dweller. These are the details I possess concerning Comex Rolex watches.

Now let’s discuss the BP replica Rolex Comex Submariner, featuring a black gilt dial with white printings. The white hour markers do not possess silver edges, and at the 6 o’clock position, you’ll find the “SWISS T<25” inscription on the dial. The “COMEX” text appears in black, set within a white square background. Additionally, the date font is larger in size and has a slightly different style compared to modern Submariners. Personally, I find the crown design appealing, as it lacks large protecting lugs, allowing for easy rotation when adjusting the time and date.

Lastly, the replica vintage Rolex comes equipped with the ETA 2836-2 movement, acknowledged as the most reliable movement utilized in replicas. With the rapid development of the replica watch industry, clone movements have been engineered to closely resemble their genuine counterparts. Nevertheless, I highly recommend opting for the ETA 2836 movement, as it undergoes fewer modifications to its components, resulting in a more stable performance. Furthermore, I am delighted to inform you that the much-requested riveted bracelet is now in stock, catering to the demands of vintage Rolex enthusiasts.

Noob Factory Published New Replica Rolex Submariner 116613 Two Tone Black Watch

The combination of two-tone elements is often associated with luxury in watches. Rolex, known for its professional diver’s watches, incorporates gold and other precious metals into its Submariner series. Although Rolex introduced several new models at the 2017 Basel event, many still consider the classic ones, such as the 116610LN Black Submariner and the 114060 No Date model, to be the most iconic. Today, I would like to introduce the 116613, a two-tone style Submariner for Rolex enthusiasts. This replica Rolex Submariner 116613 is manufactured by the Noob factory and is the V7 version, which is currently considered the best. Every detail has been meticulously replicated to closely resemble the genuine Submariner watch. The yellow gold coating on the bezel and bracelet is specifically 18K wrapped gold, ensuring durability and preventing fading, as it is not simply plated.

The replica watches case has a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 13mm, which is identical to the genuine one. The case is made of brushed 316L stainless steel, while the bezel tooth and crown are wrapped in 18K gold. The black ceramic bezel insert has engraved yellow gold markers and can rotate counterclockwise. The bezel insert is made of real black ceramic, which is more resistant to scratches than plastic. The black dial matches the black bezel, and all the hour markers have a yellow gold frame and are filled with white luminous material in the center. The hands also emit blue light in the dark. Similar to the genuine Submariner, the inner bezel has the correct ROLEX Rehaut. Upon comparing the dial lettering with that of a real Submariner, there are no differences.

The two-tone bracelet of the replica Rolex Submariner 116613 features yellow gold on the middle links, creating a luxurious texture. A notable detail to pay attention to is the clasp, as newer Submariner models from Rolex have silver engravings on the clasp instead of black, which was seen on previous models. Luckily, the clasp engravings on this replica watches are correct in color, indicating that the Noob factory has finally produced accurate Submariner replicas. It’s a great privilege to own such a high-quality replica Rolex, especially since it is equipped with a genuine Swiss ETA 2836 movement, not a clone.

Noob Replica Rolex YachtMaster 116695SATS Tutti Frutti – Rainbow on The Wrist

I’ve never seen a sports watch like this YachtMaster published by Rolex at Basel event. Its reference number is 116695SATS, and the addition of gems on the bezel makes it particularly suitable for women. It’s a fantastic idea to gift such a beautiful watch to your wife or someone special in your life; I’m sure she will love it. As far as I remember, Rolex has previously used gems on the bezel of their GMT Master series, but this is the first time they’ve incorporated it into the YachtMaster line. Wearing such a stunning watch on the beach will undoubtedly make you the center of attention. In recent years, Rolex has been inclined to use precious metals like rose gold, platinum, and diamonds in their sports watches, including the Submariner, YachtMaster, and GMT Master. This makes these timepieces suitable for a wider range of occasions. Now, let’s delve into the following article to explore what makes this watch so impressive and why it is considered the most exquisite diving watch in the world.

The Replica Rolex YachtMaster 116695SATSis created by Noob and comes in a rose gold color. The gold coating is exceptionally thick, and the 40mm case aligns with the current trend of larger watches that most people prefer. To ensure an accurate replication, a single piece of stainless steel was molded by a machine to match the original case. The bezel is the standout feature, as it is adorned with colorful diamonds. This design is reminiscent of another diamond watch from Rolex, the Rainbow Daytona. Overall, this YachtMaster can be described as the Rolex equivalent of a ‘Tutti Frutti’ due to its vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

The replica watch‘s black dial showcases blue superlume on the markers and hands, which are filled with white luminous material and framed by rose gold. The date is displayed through a window at 3 o’clock, accompanied by a magnifier on the top surface. The crystal is made of thick sapphire and its hardness has been tested by the Noob factory.

The movement used in this watch is a genuine Japanese Miyota automatic movement. However, the factory has modified it to resemble the Rolex Cal.3135 movement. It has a lower rate of required repairs compared to other automatic movements used in replica watches.

The replica watch includes a black rubber band, and if you prefer a leather strap, I can provide one pair at no additional cost. However, please note that the original box for this Rolex is not included and would require an extra purchase. Additionally, the watch has undergone waterproof testing and is rated for a depth of 50 meters. With summer approaching, why not consider getting yourself a diving watch?

AR Factory Replica Rolex 37mm YachtMaster 268622 Grey Watch Review

The YachtMaster is a popular Rolex watch that is known for its special usage. Rolex releases new models for the YachtMaster product line every year at the Basel event. Among the various YachtMaster watches, the YachtMaster II 116680 is particularly favored by watch collectors due to its blue bezel and dial. Most YachtMaster watches come in two case sizes, 40mm and 44mm. However, I would like to introduce a smaller-sized YachtMaster, the YachtMaster 268622, which has a case diameter of 37mm. This specific model is a replica produced by the AR factory. It’s worth noting that AR factory Rolex replicas, including this YachtMaster 268622, are made from 904L stainless steel, which contributes to their higher price compared to replicas made by other factories like Noob and BP. This watch is also suitable for women who appreciate larger-sized watches.

The genuine watch utilizes platinum to construct its case, while this replica watches is crafted using 904L stainless steel, which is a significant improvement compared to replicas that use 316L stainless steel. The case has a brushed finish, except for the four lugs, which are polished. The bezel is bi-directionally rotatable and is also made of 904L stainless steel. It features polished raised numerals and graduations, which contrast nicely with the sand-blasted bezel background. The case back is made of solid stainless steel and is securely screwed down. It has a special tooth design that requires a special watch tool for opening.

The dial is the most noticeable aspect of the replica watch, despite its notable difference from the genuine watch’s dial which showcases unique sun-ray patterns. Along with its vibrant blue superlume, I am pleasantly surprised by the clean and refreshing blue second hand and the blue “YACHT-MASTER” inscription. It is specifically this blue color on the dial that solidifies my decision to purchase this grey Rolex watch. The date window is positioned at the 3 o’clock mark, and there is a correctly proportioned 2.5X date magnifier on the sapphire crystal.

The replica watch features an oyster steel bracelet that has polished middle links and brushed links on both sides, providing a visually pleasing experience for the wearer. Each link in the bracelet is crafted from solid stainless steel, ensuring a weight similar to that of the genuine watch. Additionally, the watch is equipped with a deployant clasp, which has blackened engravings and is constructed similarly to the genuine watch. Furthermore, a black rubber strap can be included with the watch.

Noob Factory Published Replica Rolex Daytona 116515 Rose Gold Watch with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Since the beginning of 2018, many Rolex Daytona replica watches have been released in the market. The two main factories responsible for manufacturing these replicas are AR and Noob. Both factories produce high-quality replicas, but there are significant differences between Noob Daytona and AR Daytona. In my opinion, Noob produces the best replica Rolexes, including the Daytona models. Some people may not agree, but this is my belief. Noob not only uses 904L stainless steel for the case but also incorporates the super clone 4130 movement, which features a fully functional chronograph. AR also has their own clone 4130 movement, but it lacks a real chronograph, which is a bit disappointing. Today, I would like to introduce another excellent replica Daytona made by Noob factory. This particular model is based on the reference number 116515, and it is the top Daytona replica available in the market. There are no other Daytona watches that can compare to this one.

The AR factory has made the most significant change to the Daytona in its movement. They have replaced the movement with a super clone 4130 that features an original KIF shock absorber. The movement plates have been meticulously crafted to replicate the original design, with chamfering and sun-ray polishing. The overall appearance of the movement is identical to the genuine Rolex 4130 Caliber. Unlike the previous Asian Valjoux 7750 movement, this super clone 4130 has the correct thickness and is not as bulky as the Asian 7750. When examining the movement photos below, it is evident that the polishing and engravings are accurate. Thanks to the original KIF shock absorber, the clone 4130 movement offers excellent stability and accuracy.

The case of the watch is constructed from 316L stainless steel and has a diameter of 40mm. It features a durable and thick coating of 18K rose gold, which has been measured to be 5 mils thick. The case itself has a brushed finish, while the four lugs and case side have a polished appearance. The lugs have been designed with a curved line to ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist. You can rest assured that the rose gold tone will not fade easily due to the thickness of the coating. In the future, if you notice any changes in the rose gold plating, you can send the watch to our factory for a fresh coat. The bezel is made from genuine black ceramic and is adorned with rose gold markings. The back of the watch features a solid case back with a brushed center and a polished round edge. On the back of each lug, you will find engraved symbols, although I am not familiar with their meaning.

The dial of the watch features Swiss lume applied on the hour markers and hands, which results in a strong blue lume effect in the dark. The sunray rose gold dial has a premium texture that adds to its overall quality. The replica watch also includes three functional subdials: the small seconds subdial is positioned at 6 o’clock, the small dial at 3 o’clock is for the 30-minute chronograph, and the small subdial at 9 o’clock is for the 12-hour chronograph. Each of these subdials is designed to work accurately. Additionally, the subdials have a rose gold edge with black circles at the center, adding to their visual appeal.

The replica Rolex Daytona watch features a black leather band crafted from genuine alligator leather. The strap is adorned with a rose gold buckle, which showcases a delicate Rolex Crown. The clasp of the watch unveils flawless engravings that are meticulously done by the manufacturer. Additionally, this timepiece boasts a water resistance depth of 50 meters.

New Arrival Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 BlueRed Ceramic Watch from Noob Factory

The numerous new watches have made their debut in the market. Notably, Noob introduced the highly anticipated Super Clone 4130 Daytona V3 edition and the GMT-Master II 126710 Blue/Red. Additionally, OM factory showcased an impressive range of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, while VS factory impressed with their stunning Omega Seamaster collection. However, among all these new releases, the replica GMT-Master II crafted by Noob factory stands out as the most captivating and alluring timepiece.

The Noob factory introduced only one replica Rolex GMT-Master II model – the Blue/Black 116710BLNR. Notably, this was the only GMT-Master II watch from Noob crafted using 904L stainless steel. Subsequently, Noob shifted their focus to Daytona watches, and in September, they released upgraded V3 editions of the Daytona collection with 904L stainless steel and Super Clone 4130 movement. It’s widely acknowledged that Noob currently produces the best replica Daytona watches in the market.However, in terms of researching and developing other Rolex models, especially the GMT-Master II, Noob has lagged behind other factories such as GMF. Nonetheless, the recent release of the 126710 Blue/Red GMT Master II by Noob has helped them regain some credibility in the industry.

Over the past few years, the replica Rolex GMT-Master Batman 116710BLNR has consistently held its status as the most sought-after GMT watch. The numerous new models of the Rolex GMT-Master II were introduced, leading to a surge in demand. While many factories began producing GMT-Master II replicas, none could match Noob’s ability to create them with both 904L stainless steel and the same movement found in authentic Rolex watches. Consequently, even though there might be a waiting period for orders from Noob, the exceptional quality and accuracy make it worthwhile to exercise patience.

Returning to the review of the GMT-Master II, similar to other Rolex GMT-Master II models, this timepiece boasts a case diameter of 40mm and a case thickness of 12.5mm. Crafted from premium 904L stainless steel, both the case and jubilee bracelet exude exceptional quality. The bezel is made of high-quality ceramic material and features a captivating blue/red color combination, with the red appearing more akin to a rich brown hue. Moreover, the bezel markers are coated with platinum, ensuring their longevity and preventing any fading. As for the movement, Noob has incorporated a clone 3285 into this replica Rolex GMT-Master II. Notably, this marks the first appearance of the 3285 movement in our market that accurately replicates the hand stack and offers an adjustable hour hand. The functionality of the movement is indistinguishable from that of a genuine Rolex 3285.

Without a doubt, Noob’s Rolex offerings are of exceptional quality, with certain models setting the benchmark for watch-making in the market. One such example is the black Submariner 116610LN, which has achieved legendary status. As for this replica GMT-Master, if you prioritize perfection in terms of case design, dial details and movement function, Noob should be your go-to choice. That being said, it’s worth noting that the replica GMT-Master watches equipped with Super Clone movements from Noob have proven to be somewhat less stable. Many of my clients who previously purchased Noob GMT-Master watches have reported issues with their timepieces. It’s worth highlighting that Noob has yet to develop a movement for the GMT-Master that offers the same level of stability as the Super Clone 4130 used in their Daytona products.

EW Factory Replica Rolex Datejust 36mm Two Tone with 3235 Movement

At present, the most popular Rolex replica watches are undoubtedly the Datejust models. The advantage of choosing Datejust is that you don’t have to wait for a long time before your order is shipped out. Both GM factory and EW factory can promptly deliver your chosen Datejust as they maintain a large stock of these watches. GM, in particular, is known for offering the best quality at the moment. However, it’s worth noting that some other factories that used to produce even better Datejust replicas than GM are currently facing certain situations. Noob factory is closed, AR factory is on holiday, and VS factory is also on holiday. As a result, only GM factory can still provide high-quality Datejust replica watches.Regarding EW factory, their focus is not on producing top-quality Rolex replicas. Nevertheless, their Datejust watches have the advantage of being reasonably priced while maintaining a moderate level of quality. If you search for Rolex watches on the internet, you will likely come across replicas from EW factory.

This two-tone Datejust is manufactured by the EW factory, combining yellow gold with stainless steel. This combination appeals to me, and the 36mm case diameter makes it suitable for both men and women. The two-tone color scheme is particularly attractive to women. The fluted bezel in yellow gold perfectly complements the yellow gold middle links of the jubilee bracelet.

Indeed, EW factory offers this replica watch at an incredibly affordable price, which is less than 400 USD. It’s challenging to find a high-quality replica Rolex at such a low price from other factories. Currently, a replica Rolex made with 904L stainless steel and featuring a clone 3235 movement would typically be priced over 400 USD. However, EW factory provides the opportunity to purchase it at a much more cost-effective price, resulting in significant savings.

EW factory has become a significant competitor of BP factory at this price level. Despite BP’s long-standing history of over ten years in the industry, most people are still more inclined to opt for a Datejust from EW. Both factories offer a rich collection of Rolex watches and maintain an adequate stock of models. However, at the same price point, EW factory installs a clone Rolex movement in their replica watches, such as the clone 3235 movement inside this Datejust. This feature is appealing to most buyers as they prefer a clone Rolex movement in their replica watch rather than a clone ETA 2824 movement. The clone 3235 movement looks better and closer to genuine in outlook, at least to the naked eye.

Indeed, it seems that EW factory has seized the opportunity and successfully captured a significant portion of the Rolex replica market share that was previously dominated by BP. This shift in market dynamics indicates that the landscape is undergoing significant changes. As consumers’ preferences evolve and new options become available, it’s natural for market shares to fluctuate. It will be interesting to observe how this competition between EW and BP continues to unfold in the future.