AR Factory V2 Edition Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Yellow Gold Watch with Clone 4130 Movement

AR Factory V2 Edition Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Yellow Gold Watch with Clone 4130 Movement

Before introducing the replica Rolex Daytona, let’s compare the Noob Daytona and ARF Daytona. Both watches are of exceptional quality and represent the pinnacle of watch-making technology in our market. However, they do have some differences. Firstly, Noob currently produces the best replica Rolex Daytona with the Super Clone 4130 movement. While Noob’s other Rolex watches cannot match those from the AR factory, their Daytona stands out. Secondly, AR factory produces the Daytona without the full chronograph function, whereas Noob offers the full chronograph feature. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Noob Daytona is superior or more stable than the ARF Daytona. Personally, I prefer the slimmer 4130 movement used in the ARF Daytona, as it has a lower repair rate.

In terms of finish, ARF flawlessly carries forward the watch-making technology of its parent company, J12. The case and bracelet exhibit superior craftsmanship compared to Noob. It can be confidently stated that no other watch companies in our market achieve such exceptional case finishing as AR factory does with their replica watches. The case is constructed with 904L stainless steel and features an 18K yellow gold coating that measures 5 mils thick. This replica is the latest V2 edition, representing the newest iteration. It’s important to note that there are currently no V8 or V9 editions available for the Daytona from either AR factory or Noob. Therefore, please exercise caution and avoid being misled by other websites claiming to offer Noob factory products that do not yet exist.

The upgraded V2 edition features an updated bezel, with bezel engravings that closely resemble the thickness of the genuine Daytona. If you have previously purchased the V1 edition of the ARF Daytona, you can compare the two. The case is meticulously finished, ensuring smooth corners that eliminate any discomfort from scratches while wearing the watch. Similar to the Noob Daytona, ARF now also engraves secret symbols on the back of each lug.

The Daytona offers both black and white dial options. In the V2 edition, the dial has seen improvements, particularly in the thickness and accuracy of the minute scales, which now closely resemble those of the genuine Daytona. The engravings on the inner bezel are noticeably clearer and cleaner, with correct spacing between each “ROLEX” word. Overall, the dial is flawlessly executed, with the exception of the non-functioning minute-chronograph counter and hour-chronograph counter. However, this minor drawback is inconsequential to me as I don’t prioritize the chronograph function when wearing a Daytona. Additionally, it’s worth noting that frequent operation of the chronograph on a Noob Daytona can lead to technical issues.

When it comes to rating the AR factory’s V2 Edition Rolex Daytona, I would give it a solid 9.5 out of 10. My only hope is that AR factory can address the chronograph issue without compromising the overall stability of the movement.


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