The Controversial Replica Rolex Submariner

The Controversial Replica Rolex Submariner

The Submariner holds immense significance in the evolution of Rolex and has had a profound influence on the Swiss watch industry as a whole. When individuals are looking to purchase their first timepiece, Rolex often becomes their top choice, with the Submariner being particularly favored. The popularity of the Rolex Submariner stems from its exceptional reliability and versatility. Whether paired with formal business attire or worn during diving adventures, it serves as an excellent choice for various occasions.

In the replica watch industry, the Rolex Submariner has always been extremely popular, particularly the models 116610LN and 116610LV. Initially, only a few factories, such as BP and Noob, were producing these replicas. Noob factory, in particular, gained a reputation for making the best replicas of the Submariner. On the other hand, BP focused on creating lower to high quality replica Rolex. However, the situation became more complex when multiple factories entered the market and started manufacturing replicas of the Submariner, with their own high-quality offerings. This led to confusion among buyers, who found it difficult to determine which factory to purchase from.

Today, I am writing this article not to determine which factory produces the best replicas of the Submariner 116610LN or 116610LV. I am unaware of which factory’s Submariner is closest to the genuine one. Instead, my intention is to share some information with you. Firstly, if you are seeking high-quality Submariner replicas, I recommend purchasing from Noob, AR, or ZZ. These three factories have a good reputation. However, I cannot definitively say which factory produces the best replica. Many readers of my blog articles are also members of replica watch forums, where numerous Chinese individuals, who are often workers of trusted dealers, actively participate. When new products are released, these individuals may promote them extensively. Therefore, it is important to consider whether their claims are trustworthy. For instance, when ZZ factory introduced the V2 Submariner, they claimed it was the best on the market. But is it truly better than Noob’s version? Secondly, as I mentioned before, each factory has its own advantages and selling points. AR excels in case and bracelet finish, Noob pays great attention to dial details, and ZZ stands out in bezel craftsmanship. In particular, ZZ’s green Submariner 116610LV has a bezel that is closest to the genuine version, which might explain why it is priced higher than Noob’s.

It appears that Noob is facing stiff competition from ZZ Factory for their upcoming generation of the Submariner watch. The focus of improvement seems to be on the ceramic bezel, particularly the green ceramic bezel found on the 116610LV model. In previous editions from V5 to V8, there were issues with the bezel markers fading, but Noob addressed this problem in their V10 edition. However, some pieces of the green Submariner 116610LV still have tiny black spots, which is something that buyers should be mindful of. It is advisable for dealers to carefully inspect the watches to ensure they don’t receive a defective one.

On the other hand, ZZ Factory claims that their black Submariner 116610LN and green Hulk 116610LV models feature bezel markers that will never fade in color. They achieve this by using real Platinum coating. It will be interesting to see if Noob will continue to improve the ceramic bezel in their upcoming V11 or V12 editions.

I was fortunate enough to acquire a Hulk Submariner from the ZZ factory. Upon comparing it with Noob’s version, I noticed that ZZ indeed produces a superior green ceramic bezel. The color is much closer to that of an authentic Hulk Submariner. However, only time will tell if the bezel will fade or not. If you’re in the market for a Hulk Submariner, both Noob and ZZ are reliable options. Currently, ZZ offers the best green ceramic bezel. It’s worth noting that ZZ’s latest version for the black Submariner is V2, while for the green Submariner, the latest version is V2s.


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