About new Daytona 126500

There is significant interest in the new Daytona 126500 published by Rolex. The UK perfect aaa replica watch has garnered attention due to some changes made by Rolex compared to its predecessor, the Daytona 116500. These changes can be observed in the bezel and dial, with subtle differences between the two models. However, despite the updates, some individuals still prefer the older version, the 116500. As for the replica Daytona 126500, it is unlikely that there are super clones available.

Currently, there are reputable replica manufacturers such as ZF and AR+ producing replicas of the Daytona 126500. However, it is important to note that neither of them offers super clones of Rolex Daytona 126500. In a previous review, I mentioned that I did not recommend the ZF version. As for the AR+ replica, I would also advise against purchasing it as the movement used is not of good quality. AR+ claims that their Daytona 126500 replica utilizes the Dandong 4131 movement. However, it is worth noting that this particular Dandong 4131 is not a super clone movement. Instead, it is based on the Dandong 4801 movement and has additional movement plates. This unidirectional winding movement is not as reliable as the genuine Dandong 4130 movement. Despite these shortcomings, AR+ still sells the Daytona at a high price, which is not acceptable in my opinion.

Recently, Clean factory made an exciting announcement about the upcoming release of their replica Daytona 126500, featuring the Shanghai 4131 movement. The replica is expected to be available soon. I am curious to know your thoughts on the Daytona 126500 from Clean. Kindly review the pictures below, and once you receive the replica and take more photos, I look forward to reading your detailed review. One aspect that puzzles me is Clean’s decision to use the Shanghai 4131 movement in the new Daytona. My initial impression of the Clean 126500 is that it appears to be superior to the ZF version, but the true performance of the movement will only be revealed with time and testing.

I would like to inform you that the new year holiday has recently concluded, and several watch factories, including ZF, VS, PPF, 3K, and BT, have resumed their operations. Additionally, shipping companies are also back to work, which means you can now proceed with placing your orders without any delay.

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