VS Factory Replica Rolex Submariner Carbon Fibre

Which factory produces the best replica of the Datejust II watch? I have written numerous articles comparing the Datejust replicas made by Clean factory and VS factory, so it is understandable why this question is frequently asked. With so many watch factories producing replicas of the same watches, it can be confusing to determine the best option among them. Additionally, I have a question regarding the pricing of Clean factory’s Datejust II watches compared to those of VS factory. Despite not utilizing the 72-hour power reserve movement found in VSF Datejust replicas, Clean factory still sells their watches at similar high prices as VS.Today I would like to introduce another stunning timepiece from VS factory—a carbon Rolex Submariner.

The latest addition to VS factory’s collection is the striking DiW Submariner Parakeet. VS has recently witnessed a surge in popularity for its replica Rolex watches, surpassing that of its Panerai line. The DiW Submariner Parakeet boasts a unique design and appearance, sporting a fully matte-finished case and bracelet, complemented by a carbon fiber bezel and dial. These features are the watch’s biggest selling points, and give it a distinctive look. While the clone 3135 movement used in the watch is no longer a unique advantage, given its widespread use by various watch factories, the 3235 movement utilized in the 41mm Submariner is indeed a significant asset for VS.

I appreciate the matte finish as well. The watch features a 40.5mm diameter case with a thickness of 13mm, both crafted from genuine 904L stainless steel material. The black bezel and dial are made from real carbon fiber, marking the first time I’ve seen a Submariner with a carbon dial. The carbon texture presents a unique appearance, distinct from that of ZF Richard Mille. VS claims that the case profile is accurately replicated and interchangeable with genuine watch parts. While it’s been noted that many international watch brands utilize parts manufactured in China, they typically enforce stricter quality control measures compared to replica watches.

The Submariner has been one of the most widely discussed and improved replica watches in the past, but it seems that factories have stopped improving this model. While this may suggest that the Submariner is deemed perfect, I believe there are still some notable flaws in the watch. Four specific areas of concern include the shape and placement of the bezel pearl, the material used within the bezel markers, the axis of hand-set, and the quality of luminescence on the dial. For instance, the bezel pearl’s shape and position can be inconsistent across different replicas, and the material used in the bezel markers can vary in quality, affecting how well they function. Additionally, the axis of hand-set can sometimes be misaligned, leading to inaccurate timekeeping. Lastly, the quality of luminescence on the dial may not last as long in darkness as genuine Rolex watches. These issues seem to persist despite previous attempts at improvement, suggesting that they may continue to be a challenge for replica watch factories.


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