Noob Factory Published Replica Rolex Black Submariner 116610 LN V6s with Super 3135

Noob Factory Published Replica Rolex Black Submariner 116610 LN V6s with Super 3135

The Rolex Submariner, a long-standing favorite in the replica watch industry, is considered a timeless classic. With advancements in technology, the perfect replica Rolex Black and Green Submariner have also seen improvements in the replica watch market. The latest iteration, the V6s version, has made significant enhancements compared to its predecessor, the V5. The V6s Black Submariner features a new casing and crystal, along with modifications to its movement, making it a highly sought-after choice among fans of the Noob V6 Submariner. One notable improvement in the V6s version is its flatter crystal, closely resembling that of the genuine Rolex, whereas the V5 had a more convex crystal.

The markers on the black ceramic bezel of the V6s version are silver-grey, just like those on the authentic Rolex. Additionally, the engraving of the markers is more pronounced and substantial, with deeper and thicker markings.

The axis of the second hand is more delicate and the same as genuine.

The dial of a replica Rolex watch is often a key indicator of authenticity, and the printing of “1000ft=300” on the replica Submariner V6s is no exception. While there are slight differences between this replica watches and the genuine replica Rolex, the V6s version is closer to the authentic model compared to other replica watches. The Noob factory has released two types of dials for the V6s, each compatible with either the Super 3135 or 2836 movement, and both versions are accurate representations. Notably, the letter “M” in the word “SUBMARINER” has been enhanced in the V6s version. Additionally, the digits “1000” and “300” feature more rounded “0” shapes, as opposed to the oval shapes seen on the V5 model.

Due to the utilization of new molds, the V6s model features bezel teeth with wider mouths and a more rounded appearance. Furthermore, the case side includes an anti-counterfeit label similar to that found on authentic replica Rolex watches. Does this attention to detail provide a sense of authenticity to you?

Finally, when examining the movement of the V6s Submariner replica, one will notice the utilization of the Super Clone 3135 movement, with modifications made to the shock absorber for enhanced performance.

The modified Black Submariner V6s is perfect, it is a good choice for people who love Submariner. Although you could pick up some tiny difference with a magnifier, you can not deny this one is the best replica Submariner that is closest to genuine. Because the first batch released by Noob factory is in limited quantity, so you guys who want to buy must be hurry.


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