JVS Factory Replica Rolex Air King 126900 with 3230 Movement

Regarding the latest Rolex Air King model released in 2022, there are only a few watch factories in the market currently replicating this timepiece. Among them, JVS is the sole manufacturer of this particular watch’s replica. It’s important to note that JVS is an independent entity and has no affiliation with the VS factory. While there have been speculations suggesting a link between the two, these claims are unfounded. Some unscrupulous dealers have even gone as far as marketing JVS watches under the name of VS, so caution is advised. While the quality of JVS’s replica watches may be commendable, resorting to deceptive practices for sales is unnecessary and does a disservice to customers.

JVS factory has gained a reputation for producing high-quality replica watches, particularly for popular brands like Rolex and Omega. It’s worth noting that JVS often takes the lead in manufacturing replicas when new Rolex or Omega models are released, consistently demonstrating their ability to swiftly bring these replicas to the market ahead of other factories. The current Air King replica from JVS is widely regarded as the best version available, mainly due to the exclusivity of JVS being the sole manufacturer producing this particular replica. Undoubtedly, JVS has put great effort into ensuring the quality of their replicas, evident in the impeccable finishing and accurate clone movements. Notably, the new Air King model with reference number 126900 showcases distinct features such as the crown logo positioned at 6 o’clock and the addition of shoulders to the crown, setting it apart from its predecessors.

The quality of JVS factory’s new Air King 126900 replica is generally considered good, but some may argue that it falls short of being a super clone despite its high selling price. While JVS claims to use 904L stainless steel for the case and bracelet, it’s difficult to verify this without testing the material. Typically, big factories like VS and Clean are known to use 904L stainless steel for their replica Rolex watches. However, it’s important to note that replicas cannot be fully tested for their stainless steel material. Overall, the case finish on the new Air King is well-done, with the added protection of shoulders around the crown. The case thickness is also similar to that of the genuine model, measuring at around 13mm. Many have inquired about a quality replica of the new Air King 126900, and JVS factory has made it available.

The black dial of the new Air King 126900 replica by JVS factory presents an appealing aesthetic, with prominent markers including larger 3, 6, and 9 hour markers. The addition of a green second hand adds to its visual appeal. Positioned below the large triangular 12:00 hour marker, you’ll find a yellow crown logo and “ROLEX” in green—a design choice that enhances the charm of the Air King. In terms of movement, JVS factory utilizes a clone 3230 automatic movement. While it may not be classified as a super clone or an in-house clone, it’s important to note that this clone 3230 movement differs slightly from the genuine Rolex 3230, unlike the super clone 4130. Nevertheless, upon external inspection, the decoration of this clone 3230 movement appears impressive.

If you really want this watch, now you can buy from JVS factory. But there certainly will be a better version in future, I am not sure whether VS will make it or not, but VS definitely won’t replicate it in 2022 or even in the first half of 2023. It seems like GM will probably become the second factory to make this replica watch, and also EW factory. Well, I do not think they will be as good as this one made by JVS.

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